The Launch of Malaria new Project

The MINISTER of Health, Ahmed Nassor Mazrui, has said that the efforts of the US President’s Fund to Fight Malaria (PMI) have contributed to reducing the rate of malaria infection in Zanzibar from more than 30% in 2005 to the current level of less than 1%.

He explained this while launching a new five-year project to remove malar in Zanzibar at the Golden Tulip Hotel at Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, Kiembesamaki yesterday.

He said, the five-year project will completely eliminate malaria in Zanzibar from 1% to 0% and control the disease and become a free zone.

He said, in the past 16 years, the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar has benefited from PMI’s support in the journey to eradicate malaria in the country.

He said, PMI through USAID and CDC have been supporting proven measures to eradicate malaria such as diagnosis and treatment of malaria, integrated control of malaria parasites, monitoring and evaluation of the disease.

In the past five years, PMI through the Save Lives Control Malaria Organization (OMDM), contributed more than 19.3 million dollars to the Government of Tanzania to support efforts to eradicate malaria in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Minister Mazrui said, through OMDM, there have been some improvements in the fight against malaria, including monitoring and evaluation, including the strengthening of the level of investigation of cases, setting strategies to eliminate the risk of malaria in Zanzibar, the integration of the case information system malaria and DHIS2, and strengthening of parasite surveillance.

Thus, he expressed his hope that the new PMI TMCM project is a continuation of efforts to help eradicate malaria in Zanzibar.

On other hand, the Assistant Director from the Department of Health USAID, Anna Hoffman, said, through close cooperation with citizens, institutions and the Government of Zanzibar, the United States Government is committed to follow the same level of cooperation with ZAMEP and civil organizations to move forward to strengthen health systems to strengthen and to increase Tanzania’s efforts in ending the situation.

She said, USAID is proud to be part of this wonderful success, the common goal is to end malaria.

She said, through OMDM, the rates of investigation of malaria cases increased from less than 50% in 2018 to more than 95% in 2022, meaning that more people are tested and treated for malaria and protected against future infections, important steps that move us close to achieving the eradication of malaria.

Earlier, the Project Manager for Ending Malaria in Zanzibar, Mohammed Ali Ali, said, the new project hopes that within the new project managed by PSI, Zanzibar can achieve the goal of having 0% malaria in the country.

He said, although there are many challenges on that, but, they will make sure they fight against them and eliminate malaria in Zanzibar.

The project will cost 27 million US dollars.