Chief Phamastist

The Ministry of Health of Zanzibar has established the Logistics Management Unit (LMU) under the Chief Pharmacist Office (CPO) which is responsible for organizing, monitoring, and supporting all supply chain activities for all health commodities logistics systems for Zanzibar. The functions of the LMU are both strategic and operational. Strategically, the LMU solidifies supply chain management as a national priority. It acts as a focal point for coordinating programs, agencies, and entities involved in the supply chain, and attracts dedicated supply chain resources. Operationally, the staff of the LMU carries out both the routine and singular activities required to run a supply chain. The LMU focuses on increasing the visibility of logistics data, coordinating supply chain and commodity resources, and strengthening the supply chains for all health commodities. Ultimately, the LMU contributes to ensuring that commodities are available to clients and patients when and where they are needed. LMU started to be full operation in January 2016, however, due to the additional function in CPO which was not included in the original Organization Chart in LMU such as Policy and Practice, Quality Management and Resource Planning and Finance. Another collaboration between CPO and other Supply Chain stakeholders, a suggestion was made to rename LMU as the Supply Chain Management Unit. On 20th ZLTWG meeting name of supply Chain Management Unit was approved.


To be a center of excellence for supply chain management of health commodities in sub-Sahara Africa by 2020.


To make available at all times, medicines and medical supplies of acceptable quality and make logistics information accessible at anytime, anywhere through the use of technology.

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