The Minister of Health met with USAID’s Chief Advisor

The Minister of Health Zanzibar Hon, Nassor Ahmed Mazrui has said that the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar through the Ministry of Health will continue to cooperate with development partners including USAID in order to strengthen the health sector in this country.

He said USAID has been helping the Health Sector in different areas including Malaria, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and other social services.

Speaking to USAID’s Chief Advisor Magret Toylor at his office in Mnazimmoja, Minister Mazrui said that due to the efforts of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar together with various Development Partners including USAID, the Ministry of Health has been able to take steps in the fight against Malaria where it is currently low of one percent.

He informed that USAID has been able to help in controlling the AIDS disease which has greatly affected the workforce of Tanzanians where currently AIDS here in Zanzibar has decreased significantly, they have reached the goals of 90, 90, 90 and the Ministry is making an effort to achieve the goals of 95, 95 and the number of babies born with AIDS has decreased significantly.

In addition, he informed that still hepatitis and Tuberculosis diseases are bothering the people of Zanzibar and it costs a lot to treat them, so he has asked various partners including USAID to continue their aid to the people of Zanzibar along with medical equipment and training for its employees.

For his part, USAID Aid Agency Chief Advisor Magret Toylor has said that his organization will continue its Aid to Zanzibar in order to strengthen health services.

He said that the purpose of the visit here in the country is to visit health centers and the communities they support.

On other hand, Minister Mazrui has met with the executives of Willow International and promised to work together with the Ministry of Health to be able to strengthen social services.