The Integrated Reproductive and Child Health Unit, whose main goal is to improve maternity and child health and reduce maternal and child mortality. The activities of this unit contribute directly to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals, MKUZA III, and the Vision 2020. The unit comprises three units, namely: –

1. Reproductive and Child Health Unit (RCH)
2. Expanded Program Immunization Unit (EPI)
3. Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Unit (IMCI)

A total of 172 Health Centers provide coverage services in Unguja and Pemba. The Zanzibar vaccine program for 2019 has set itself the goal of raising the vaccine level to 95% at national level and over 90% in all districts of Unguja and Pemba. at all centers providing maternal and child health care.

Immunization Services.

– Distribution of new vaccine refrigerators to Health Centers
– Continue to provide immunization services at all reproductive and child health centers.
– Supervise the transportation and distribution of vaccines as well as immunization facilities at Health Centers
– To evaluate vaccination activities for half a year
– Conducts immunization surveillance for vaccines
– Conducts monitoring of vaccination activities in districts and health centers.
– Conducting a collaborative campaign for a vaccine against measles
– Strengthening immunity against vaccines
– Pediatric Services for Equality

Evaluating the causes of maternal and infant mortality in Unguja and Pemba region.


2. Guideline for post abortion care serviceDownload
3. Management Protocol for Emergence Obstetric and NewbornDownload