Vision & Mission

Health Administration

Purpose of the policy: To promote inclusivity, transparency, accountability, community involvement and participation in decision-making on health issues at all levels.

The provision of health care

Policy Objective: To improve referral systems within health settings at every level including the private health sector [participation in universal access to comprehensive care, treatment and prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases in a coordinated, effective, equal and respectful.

Social Services

Purpose of the policy: To improve the integration and management of social services among different actors at each level.

Human Resources for Health

Purpose of policy: To increase the number of skilled workers and, at all levels of the health care system.


Policy Objectives: To develop and adhere to an infrastructure development program that promotes equity and sustainability in maintenance and rehabilitation services. – Improve transport and communication network within the MOH

Essential medicines, medical and non-medical equipment

Policy Objectives: To increase access to quality medicines, medical and non-medical equipment and to promote reasonable use of all levels of health care – Promoting best practice in traditional and alternative medicine

Health’s law and regulations

Purpose of the policy: To promote the application of health laws, rules and standards of conduct in health-related matters.

Health Information

Policy Purpose: To promote the establishment of a Health Information Management system that will promote evidence-based decisions.

Creativity and research

Purpose of the policy: To promote research activities in the ministry.

Health Funding

Purpose of the policy: To maximize financial resources by adopting a variety of health and financing options that are consistent and sustainable.

Cross – cutting theme

Policy objectives: To promote the use of gender and human rights approaches in the health care system. Improve the environmental management and management of health care waste in health centers and other public and private areas.

Access to reliable health services for all Zanzibar and equality.

Provide strategic leadership of the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar which will ensure that all Zanzibaris protect their right to quality and equitable health care services.