Strategic Plan for Non-Communicable Disease – NCD

– Increase the promotion of Non-Communicable Disease in poor areas of government to promote better environmental policy.
– Increase general knowledge of the cause of the hazard of Non-Communicable Disease and special circumstances.
– Creating a health system capable of improving the health of people with Non-Communicable Disease meeting all their needs
– Designing data collection systems and research results
– Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Non-Communicable Disease -11

Implemented Activities

  • Managing to establish a Cancer Registry in Zanzibar. Currently, data shows there are 147 cancers in the database.
  • In collaboration with Chinese Doctors, a total of 12,212 women underwent cervical cancer screening.
  • A total of 371 (3.%) have been diagnosed with early symptoms and are treatable by operators with an electrical loop (Leep)
  • 34 clients (0.28%) diagnosed with the last stage of cancer and have been referred to Ocean Road Dar hospital for further treatment.

Community Awareness

  • For the purpose of increasing public awareness on the prevention of NCD its risk and factors, early detection and proper management of NCD. The station can run social and radio programming to educate the community.
  • Topics covered are the Risk Factors of NCD, tobacco control, and unhealthy nutrition.
  • Umuhimu wa uchunguzi wa saratani Shinikizo la damu, kisukari, Prostate, saratani ya kizazi,
  • Uhusiano wa MARADHI YASIOAMBUKIZWAs na Lishe.


  • Difficulty in collecting cancer information from Hospital equipment based on cancer registry data.
  • Poor patient information from natural sources such as wards/shehia.
  • Delaying of cancer reports