The Ministry of Health Zanzibar has received medical equipment for the Kivunge Hospital

The Ministry of Health Zanzibar has received medical equipment support from the Government of the People’s Republic of China, Jiangsu Province, worth more than three hundred million.

Receiving the equipment at Kivunge Hospital, the Medical Director of the Ministry of Health Zanzibar , Dr. Msafiri Marijani, said that the equipment includes surgical equipment for using small holes using video and equipment for using Internet therapy.

He said surgery using video and a small hole allows the patient to be dissected in a small part and experience less pain and internet therapy will help to communicate with the doctors who were present at the Jiangsu hospital and the doctors of Kivunge by being directed to various treatments in the hospital.

He has informed that the support of these devices will greatly help to strengthen the health services in this country where they have been able to establish a specialized video surgery center that uses a small hole whose surgery the patient becomes and his recovery becomes faster.

On his side, the representative from Jiangsu State Hospital, Professor Xiuqin Wang, has said that they have seen the need to support the equipment at Kivunge Hospital to facilitate the provision of services to patients.

He said that Jiangsu State Hospital will continue their cooperation with Zanzibar in the health sector and that due to the existing relationship is long-term and whose main goal is to help the people of Zanzibar get treatment without any inconvenience.

On his part, the assistant doctor in charge of the Kivunge District Hospital, Tamim Hamad Said, is grateful for the help that will help the doctors of the hospital to do their work easily and efficiently.

He said they will also benefit from getting more knowledge from the various doctors present at the Jiangsu State Hospital through the Internet and be able to provide better services in the hospital.

The relationship of Jiangsu China Hospital is great due to the agreement signed in 2022 between Kivunge and Chakechake Pemba hospitals and they are empowered to help in various health services.