Health registrations and licenses

This registration service for nurses, midwives, doctors, health care providers as well as providers of medicine and alternative medicine are all registered and licensed by the Ministry of Health in the following order.

Nurses and Midwives Coordination Services. The Nurses and Midwives Council is responsible for the registration and licensing of all nurses and midwives who work in all Zanzibar Health Centers and outside Zanzibar who are registered by this council. The council is also responsible for monitoring the performance of all nurses and midwives working at Health Centers who are registered with the Council.

Medicine and Alternative Medicine Services. The National Council for Medicine and Alternative Medicine is the council with the registration and licensing authority for the providers of Medicine and Alternative Medicine (healers). Registration of clinics and health care outlets as well as providing education to communities on the use of standard medicines and requiring traditional health practitioners to comply with prescribed conditions.

Doctors’ Council Services. The Council of Doctors is the body that has the authority to register and provide for the Surgeons as well as the Assistant Doctors.

CAUTION: It is illegal to provide any health service without registration and licensing from the relevant council. Anyone who provides services without registration is subject to strict legal action.